After the Fire at Club Lobohombo, Mexico City

I post letters to my lost Mayan sisters
waiting to be shaken open by some
precarious thriver in the song-stung dark.
Over the ear, a conch of voice and music
was a sack full of torn wings beating.

          H. L. Hix | Cy Twombly, “Night Watch”
          Keetje Kuipers | 4th of July
          Joshua Corey | Severance Songs, 2.1
          Luis Cernuda | Apologia pro Vita Sua (trans. Reginald Gibbons)
          Larry Levis | Earl the Chicken Farmer


  1. Thanks. I don't know how you found My 3,000 Loving Arms but know they encircle you always.

  2. Hi Sarah. Found you via the Rumpus, where you let fly with an extended lament in the comments on the latest kerfuffle over the value of the MFA. Enjoyed your rant very much.