These Fine Things Which Separate Us from Beasts

I would be assuming a great deal in saying
I’d like to hold water in my cupped hands
as we must hold all,
swagger and lager and fully loaded.
If this is a game then we have made it, unknowing.

     Angela Doll Carlson / Solstice to Solstice
     Mathias Svalina / Red Plastic Cup
     C. Cleo Creech / A Poem for Jaheem Herrara: The Peace of Gentle Waves
     James Schwartz / Last Night a Drag Queen Saved My Life
     Samiya Bashir / Catch


Waking from Dreams “in a Solitude That Vibrates . . . ”

HONEY BEE (c. 1994–2010)
It was not in the next day’s paper.

     You appear as if from the sea of nothing,
and dead from a storm that wrecked the hive.

I feel submerged, and see you,
     and live alone in the bee-loud glade.

     Peter Dale Scott / Coming to Jakarta, IV.v
     Susan Browne / Ode to Lily Jean
     Diane Wakoski / Black Leather Because Bumblebees Look Like It
     Jeffrey Skinner / Elegy with Yellow Boat
     William Butler Yeats / The Lake Isle of Innisfree