Nobility of Soul at Odds with Circumstance

February 18, 1924–January 17, 2011
A happy moment, New York City,
March 1983
The body—it is so sad what happens to it.
But all childhoods are hazardous.

Falling through a grey film of failed memory,
the children and their panic-stricken laughter.

And in the narrowing tunnel,
our earthly mother waiting sleeplessly
to yield the last half hour of precious light.

     Melissa Kwasny / Common Blue
     Chase Twichell / A Mysterious Heart
     Roberto Tejada / Dyspnea
     Rachel Loden / Five Minute Agoraphobic Holidays
     B. H. Fairchild / Flight
     Sydney Lea / The Blainville Testament
     May Sarton / A Country Incident

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